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You'll Never Find Me


“Do you get lonely, all the way out here?”

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On a dark and very stormy night in an isolated caravan park a mysterious young woman appears, asking for help. Patrick, a solitary man living with grief and tormented by the local youths, cautiously offers her shelter. As the storm intensifies and uncanny occurrences mount, the two strangers learn more about each other than they might want to know, reckoning with guilt and paranoia in the claustrophobic confines of Patrick's trailer home. Fresh from its premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, You'll Never Find Me is a single location exercise in atmospheric suspense, adding to the new wave of outstanding new Australian horror features.

“Builds a profoundly creepy and spiralling momentum before everything comes together in a shockingly brilliant final act.”

The Guardian

“Electrifying, emotional, and chilling in equal measure.”

Screen Rant

“Grim, contemporary horror with a classic haunted house aesthetic...a claustrophobic, oft-unsettling chamber piece.”

Bloody Disgusting

Why You Should See This Film

This tightly wound two-hander chamber piece makes the most of its resources, eschewing jump scares in favour of a creeping dread enhanced by some truly extraordinary sound design— if there's such a thing as horror ASMR then You'll Never Find Me is it. Outstanding performances from the leads and tightly methodical pacing make for a slow burning gem with deeply unsettling vibes, building towards a final act that will stay with you.

Josiah Allen, Indianna Bell
Brendan Rock, Jordan Cowan, Elena Carapetis
96 minutes

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