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Perfect Days


“Next time is next time. Now is now”



Nominated for Best International Feature, Wim Wenders’ (Paris, Texas, Wings of Desire) Perfect Days is a deeply moving and poetic reflection on finding beauty in the everyday world around us. Cannes Best Actor award winner Kōji Yakusho (Cure, Tokyo Sonata) is Hirayama, a cleaner who tends to an array of exceptionally designed toilets throughout Tokyo who seems utterly content with his simple life. Outside of his highly structured daily routine he cares for his plants and enjoys listening to cassette music, reading paperbacks and photographing trees. As a few people ebb and flow in and out of his life, Hirayama lives, sleeps and dreams alone, only to wake the next morning ready and happy to do it all over again.

Winner: Best Actor – Koji Yakusho

76th Cannes Film Festival

Nominee (Best International Feature)

Academy Awards 2024

"A film of deceptive simplicity, observing the tiny details of a routine existence with such clarity, soulfulness and empathy"

The Hollywood Reporter

"The kind of earthshaking character study that reminds us why we go to the movies in the first place"

Rolling Stone

Why You Should See This Film

A serene acceptance of the everyday and a delightful appreciation for the small things in life, Perfect Days marks a tremendous return for director Wim Wenders, his best narrative feature film in decades and one of our favourites of the year. The great Kōji Yakusko makes this film, totally captivating with his every shy glance and kind smile. While his character is largely mysterious, Yakusho reveals volumes by merely being on screen.

Wim Wenders
Kōji Yakusho
106 minutes
Japanese with English subtitles

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