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Hundreds of Beavers


“It is always hard to see the purpose in wilderness wanderings until after they are over”



We've been chasing this tail for a long time, and we're delighted to bring a limited run of festival fave Hundreds of Beavers to Golden Age. Hapless 19th century applejack salesman Jean Kayak (Ryland Brickson Cole Tews) finds himself stranded in a surreal winter landscape with nothing but his dim wits to guide him. After the Master Fur Trapper (Wes Tank) takes pity on him and teaches him the ways of the wilderness, the pair face off against a world of ruthless elements and sinister creatures- all played by actors in full-sized mascot costumes. Kayak falls in love with the beautiful and mischievous daughter of a merchant, but if he wants to win her hand he'll have to catch and deliver hundreds—possibly thousands— of beavers.

“A multimedia extravaganza of frozen idiocy”

Paste Magazine

“It is exciting in ways you cannot imagine and must be seen to be believed”

Film Threat

“A marvel of slapstick invention that in terms of pure unbridled creativity puts most big-screen comedies to shame”

The Daily Beast

Why You Should See This Film

Director, writer, editor, and visual effects creator Mike Cheslik and lead actor Ryland Tews cooked up the idea for this dazzling adventure comedy in 2018 at a bar in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Shooting through the bitter winter in Michigan and the northern Wisconsin wilderness on a budget of $150,000, they locked in for two years of post production and over 1,500 visual effects created in Adobe Suite (this causes us physical pain). The end result is a triumph of resourceful filmmaking, a freewheeling cross between Buster Keaton and Guy Maddin that is a delight to behold and somehow keeps its momentum all the way to the dizzying climax.

Mike Cheslik
Ryland Brickson Cole Tews, Wes Tank, Olivia Graves, Doug Mancheski
108 minutes
Silent, English titles

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