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The Zone of Interest


“The life we enjoy is very much worth the sacrifice.”

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Adapted from the novel by Martin Amis, The Zone of Interest is a rare cinematic experience. Set almost entirely within the confines of a cosy homestead, it observes the lives of the Höss family within— while just beyond the garden wall is Auschwitz, the concentration camp commanded by Rudolf Höss. The family, their friends and coworkers inhabit a kind of suspended reality, going about their business in peace and comfort while doing their best to ignore the horror at their doorstep. Oscar-nominated director Jonathan Glazer (Under the Skin) builds unbearable tension through what is unseen but often heard, an exercise in banal terror that probes uncomfortably into our own complicity.

Winner – Best International Feature Film

Academy Awards 2024

Winner – Best Sound

Academy Awards 2024

“A brutal masterpiece...the impact all but knocks the breath from your body.”

The Guardian (UK)

“Glazer is incapable of making a movie that’s anything less than bracingly original.”

The Hollywood Reporter

Why You Should See This Film

One of the most formally inventive films to ever receive a Best Picture nomination and one that will stay in the mind long after its conclusion. The palpable dread inherent in the setting is enhanced by Mica Levi's astonishing sound design and Glazer's decision to eschew traditional cinematic language, shooting entirely through surveillance-positioned cameras. More than just a bold experiment, The Zone of Interest is what star Hüller calls “a film to make us unsafe in the cinema- as we should be.”

Jonathan Glazer
Christian Friedel, Sandra Hüller, Medusa Knopf
106 minutes
German, Polish with English subtitles

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