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The Teachers' Lounge


“What happens in the teachers' lounge stays in the teachers' lounge.”



A tense, claustrophobic thriller playing out in the halls of a German secondary school, The Teacher's Lounge is the anti-Dead Poet's Society. When one of her students is accused of stealing from his fellow classmates, idealistic new teacher Carla (Leonie Benesch, The White Ribbon) decides to investigate the matter herself. What should have been a simple plan ending in a teachable moment quickly spirals out of control after another faculty member is implicated, and Carla finds herself in deep over her head as her attempts to do "the right thing" grow more desperate. Angry parents, mutinous students, duplicitous colleagues— teachers aren't paid enough for this.

There’s no other word than mesmerising for what Leonie Benesch accomplishes here.


A taut and tight examination of the concept of justice folded into an absorbing character study.

Los Angeles Times

“A pulse-pounding exploration of the ways we draw lines between enemies and friends, and the courage it takes to blur them”

Hollywood Reporter

Why You Should See This Film

In developing The Teachers' Lounge director İlker Çatak drew on his own early outsider experiences, where he was made keenly aware that his status as the child of Turkish immigrants singled him out even in ostensibly tolerant and progressive Berlin, to draw out the sense of knife-edge paranoia that pervades contemporary surveillance culture in Germany. Shot through with pitch-dark humour, the tension between doing what is right and being perceived to be correct forms the core of this modern parable about the drive for moral purity, like a Michael Haneke-directed episode of Bluey.

İlker Çatak
Leonie Benesch, Eva Löbau, Michael Klammer, Rafael Stachowiak
99 minutes

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