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The Taste of Things (Special Event)


Presented by Alexei Toliopoulos & Mitch Orr

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This gorgeous film won Tràn Anh Hung (The Vertical Ray of the Sun) Best Director at Cannes 2023, and it's not just thanks to the ultra-French combo of Juliette Binoche and cooking. It is La Belle Époque 1889, and Eugénie (a luminous Binoche) has spent the last 20 years as the highly esteemed personal cook to gourmand Dodin (Benoît Magimel) on his country estate. Their days unfold in the contented rhythms of an old married couple, planning intricate yet elegant meals for Dodin's guests as Eugénie tactfully evades his attempts to pin down their ephemeral relationship status. When Eugénie's ailing health disrupts their quiet equilibrium, the cook and the gourmet must take stock of what they truly value in life and love.

Winner - Best Director

Cannes Film Festival 2023

“Sumptuous, sensual and impossibly handsome”

The Guardian

“An instant culinary classic that exquisitely captures the kitchen’s bittersweet blessing.”

The New York Times

“Lingering on the tongue like a sip of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the film leaves one feeling a little drunk, desperately hungry and entirely alive.”

Wall Street Journal

Why You Should See This Film

Shot on location in a Loire Valley château this is a living, deeply intimate portrait of joyful indulgence even before we get to the food. And what food it is! "Culinary director" chef Pierre Gagnaire tempts us with classics of French cuisine from pot-au-feu to decadent poached pear fripé, all of which Tràn insisted be the real, edible deal— no sneaky food stylist tricks here, just mouth-watering delicacies prepared with love. As former partners, Binoche and Magimel bring an extraordinary warmth and gently simmering sensuality to their roles as late-in-life lovers, which melds perfectly with Tràn's restrained, delicate touch. The Taste of Things is a film to be savoured, but definitely not on an empty stomach.

Join us early to get stuck into our tasting menu (including rock oysters, blue fin tuna and pear & vanilla bean burrata), along with a special introduction from guest presenters Alexei Toliopoulos and Mitch Orr. Alexei Toliopoulos is a comedian, writer, podcaster, film critic and technically a critically acclaimed investigative documentarian. You know him from investigating mysteries on FINDING YEEZUS/FINDING DRAGO, being funny on tv with QUESTION EVERYTHING, and celebrating cinema on the new hit podcast THE LAST VIDEO STORE. Mitch Orr is currently Chef Partner at Kiln (atop Sydney’s Ace Hotel), which opened in 2022 and has already won the Good Food Guide’s Best New Restaurant and one hat. Mitch has held pop ups and kitchen takeovers in Singapore, London, Denmark, Perth and Melbourne.

Tràn Anh Hung
Benoît Magimel, Juliette Binoche, Patrick d'Assumçao, Emmanuel Salinger
135 minutes
French with English subtitles

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