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The Emu War


“They can't stop us rooting if we're dead!”



Lewd, crude and very very silly— The Emu War is a completely over the top reimagining of a real 1932 military operation, wherein the army attempted to cull the wheat-crop-eating western emu population with heavy artillery, and lost. In this (extremely loose) version Major Meredith (Damian Callinan), whose son was kidnapped by the Emus, leads a motley crew of soldiers behind Emu enemy lines to find and destroy the Emu Queen. Cue explosions, puppets, mind-boggling effects* and a surprising amount of explicit romance.

One off screening with live intro by Cameron James

Why You Should See This Film

Hot Dad Productions is the comedy team behind this gonzo interpretation —the subject of many a YouTube essay and podcast— just beating out a proposed adaptation written by John Cleese and co-starring Rob Schneider (there but for the grace of God). While the true story is a pretty tragic one-sided battle against native wildlife in the name of protecting the wheat belt, this is a re-imagined bush Apocalypse Now descent into madness and gross-out gags. Stupid in the best possible way, pairs perfectly with a can of Emu Bitter or three.

John Campbell, Jay Morrissey, Lisa Fineberg
Damian Callinan, Lisa Fineberg, Aaron Gocs, Dane Simpson, Cameron James
75 minutes

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