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The Eight Mountains


“There's a whole world outside of here”



From the director of Beautiful Boy and The Broken Circle Breakdown, The Eight Mountains is a tender and expansive study of a long-time friendship between two men based on the bestselling novel “Le Otto Montagne” by Paolo Cognetti. Pietro (Luca Marinelli) and Bruno (Alessandro Borghi) are city kid/country kid opposites, whose idyllic summers as playmates and rivals in the beautiful Italian Alps matures over the decades into a deeper, more complex relationship. As the unpredictability of life and nature takes its course, their friendship and destinies will once more intertwine.

Winner - Grand Jury Prize

75th Cannes Film Festival

“Beautiful... this is a movie with air in it’s lungs and love in it’s heart

The Guardian

"Quietly magnificent...lives and breathes in beautifully cinematic terms"


Why You Should See This Film

The dramatic landscapes of Italy, Turin and Nepal cradle this meditative exploration of male friendship, with moments of quiet intimacy set amidst the soaring peaks. The plain speech, delicate score and restrained camerawork instil a rough, natural poetic rhythm into The Eight Mountains as the two boys (and later men) establish, demolish, rebuild and test their bond.

Felix Van Groeningen & Charlotte Vandermeersch
Luca Marinelli, Alessandro Borghi
147 minutes

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