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Presented by VIVID x Golden Age of Humanity guest curator Daniel Nour

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Sicko sees filmmaker-provocateur Michael Moore take on his most intimidating adversary: the US health insurance and the pharmaceutical industries. A brief primer on the history of American health care unpicks the tangled web of corporate malfeasance that has left almost 50 million (in 2007 numbers) citizens uninsured, while many of those who do have coverage find themselves ensnared in a nightmare of red tape and government-approved fraud that leaves them high and dry. Moore travels to Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Cuba, comparing the possibilities of a publicly funded health care system against the for-profit model that sees Americans from all walks of life forced into medically-induced poverty. All proceeds from this screening will be donated to Vivid 2024's charity partner Médecins sans frontières.

About the Curator: In August 2020, Dr Daniel Nour identified a healthcare gap for vulnerable populations in New South Wales and founded Street Side Medics, a non-profit, GP-led mobile service for the homeless. With 600 volunteers, and ten clinics, his initiative has profoundly impacted thousands, addressing overlooked medical needs and diagnosing otherwise unnoticed conditions. Despite his full-time role at Royal North Shore Hospital, Nour dedicates his afternoons to ensure the clinics operate smoothly, showcasing his firm commitment to enhancing Australian lives through healthcare.

Why You Should See This Film

Moore has taken on everything from the NRA to the Bush Administration, but here he sets his sights on an opponent so indisputably corrupt and damaging that no stunt or cinematic sleight of hand is less than what they deserve. Despite the focus on the US health system and championing of public healthcare, the interviews with vulnerable patients attempting to navigate a confusing-by-design system will strike a chord with many Australians impacted by a weakened Medicare system and increasing gap expenses. Moore's particular brand of popular agitprop documentary has been much imitated but in Sicko he strikes a perfect balance of impassioned entertainment, covering deep societal issues with practiced showmanship and a genuine desire to shine a light.

Michael Moore
Michael Moore ,Tony Benn, Tucker Albrizzi
123 minutes

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