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Monkey Man


“There you are. You are a beast.”

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Dev Patel wrote and directed this all-out revenge thriller that blends John Woo-style action with ancient Hindu mythology and contemporary politics. Monkey Man stars Patel (oh yeah, he does that too) as the unnamed Kid, chasing justice for the violent death of his mother. Kid takes on the identity of “The Beast” as a masked combatant in an underground fighting arena, becoming the people's champion as he embarks on a quest that will take him to through every rung of Mumbai society, from the lowest street-level criminals to the corrupt elites. More than a John Wick-alike, this is a stylish exercise in mayhem with a whole lot of heart.

“Stylish, high-energy, smart and eye-wateringly violent.”


“Powerfully translates the director’s pure, kinetic love of cinema into something bold, new, and unforgettable.”

The A.V. Club

Monkey Man isn’t some basic action thriller; it’s an underdog story about the power of the people.”

Screen Rant

Why You Should See This Film

Monkey Man was a passion project for Patel, who endured setback after setback. After the pandemic made shooting in India an impossibility, the entire production had to be relocated to island in Indonesia where the chaotic shoot involved GoPros, mobile phones, a makeshift rope-crane, whatever it took. The film nearly suffered a quiet Netflix-only release until Jordan Peele saw its potential and picked it up for a cinema release— luckily for us, because this deserves to be seen in a theatre. Wild, kinetic and pulpy in all the right places, this is a fresh take on a familiar genre and just the shot in the arm action movies need.

Dev Patel
Dev Patel, Sharlto Copley, Pitobash, Vipin Sharma
121 minutes
English, Hindi with English subtitles

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