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“Too much Blood of Christ.”

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Sydney Sweeney stars in and produced this atmospheric Gothic horror that puts the fear of God (or something) back into the cinema. Cecilia (Sweeney, Euphoria, Anyone But You), a devout but troubled young American Catholic, is offered the opportunity for a fresh start at an isolated convent in the picturesque Italian countryside. As she settles into the austere routine of nunnery life, it becomes apparent that Cecilia's decision to join the convent may have been predetermined. A seeming miracle and mysterious visions in the night further isolate the young novice as dark secrets come to the surface and her refuge becomes a gilded cage.

“Transcends the screen in a way most B-movies like it could only pray for.

The Guardian

A gonzo takedown of religious patriarchy with one hell of a memorable finale.

The Washington Post

A darkly beautiful yet brutal, bloody and bold film...the Euphoria star gives her greatest performance yet.

The Wrap

Why You Should See This Film

Immaculate draws from a long history of Catholic-flavoured horror, bringing a contemporary edge to the familiar territory of stigmata and the machinations of forces beyond our knowledge: Nunsploitation is back and it's looking gorgeous! Stunning cinematography from Elisha Christian (The Night House) in menacing shadows and Suspiria-esque deep reds brings a touch of class to this deliciously pulpy little number, but the film rests on Sweeney's performance and she more than delivers in a role that calls for both quiet dignity and bravura body horror.

Michael Mohan
Sydney Sweeney, Álvaro Morte, Benedetta Porcaroli
89 minutes

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