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Fallen Leaves


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Hailed as the best-reviewed film of the 2023 Cannes Festival as it took home the Jury Prize, Fallen Leaves is an enchanting love story by celebrated Finnish auteur Aki Kaurismäki about two lost souls seeking companionship as they strive to keep afloat in the turbulence of present day Helsinki. Ansa (Alma Pöysti) works at a supermarket where the pay is so low she takes home expired sandwiches for dinner. Holappa (Jussi Vatanen) works hard as a metalworker and drinks harder on the job and into the night. Every night, reports of the war in Ukraine blare incessantly over the radio. One fateful evening, the two find themselves dragged to karaoke night and the spark in each other's eyes is instant but life and circumstance find ways of obstructing their love.

Winner: Jury Prize

76th Cannes Film Festival

“The way (Kaurismäki) opens both his stories and performers to convey an unexpected, understated warmth is completely winning”


Impeccably designed and photographed, and played to succinct perfection


“The closest Kaurismäki gets to a feelgood movie (albeit a feelgood movie with incipient liver failure)”

The Observer UK

Why You Should See This Film

Six years on from 2017’s The Other Side of Hope, Aki Kaurismäki returns to deliver a new addition to his ‘Proletariat Series’ which may be his sweetest, most charming creation yet. Disarming with his deadpan humour, minimal dialogue and Timo Salminen’s Hopper-esque photography, Kaurismäki leaves you tender to the bittersweet sincerity of Alma Pöysti and Jussi Vatanen’s subtly sublime chemistry resulting in the one of the warmest cinema experiences of the year.

Aki Kaurismäki
Alma Pöysti, Jussi Vatanen, Janne Hyytiäinen, Nuppu Koivu
81 minutes
Finnish with English subtitles

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