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Mulholland Drive

(Rated MA15+)

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"This is the girl"

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David’s Lynch’s dreamily surreal neo-noir set in the murky world of Hollywood is still a brilliant head-scratcher some twenty years on. Naomi Watts stars as Betty, a wide-eyed ingenue who’s arrived in L.A. with big dreams of becoming a star. When she moves into her aunt’s apartment, she’s startled by a mysterious dark-haired woman who assumes the name Rita (Laura Harring) and appears to be suffering from amnesia following a fateful car accident on Mulholland Drive. What happens next is really anyone’s guess. There’s a director, a cowboy, a dumpster creature, a gangster, a key and an eerie cabaret theatre called Club Silencio. And it’s all so beautiful, particularly with a soundtrack of lovelorn '60s pop mixed in with Angelo Badalamenti’s ominous score.

Why You Should See This Film

There are so many wild interpretations of this film's non-linear narrative and, with Lynch refusing to talk about it’s symbolism, it’s destined to become one of the most analysed of his creations. Is it a dream? An ode to the bi-polarity of Hollywood? Is it all Betty’s subconscious? Is Betty herself the creature behind the dumpster? Some have even said the entire film is fuelled by her alleged orgasm. Who knows? But it’s endless fun to try and figure it all out.

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  • Year: 2001
  • Rating: MA15+
  • Director: David Lynch
  • Cast: Justin Theroux, Naomi Watts, Laura Harring
  • Duration: 147 minutes
  • Language: English
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