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Saturday 20th July

Live on the
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Single Launch

It’s Alright, Look at Me I’m Young is Eddie Boyd’s debut album as Boydos. He’s the fly on the wall of the gig economy of Sydney’s Inner West, delivering the observations of Kurt Vile and Lou Reed with a dose of adrenaline. It’s beautifully gritty and contagiously agitated.

Growing up in the Blue Mountains, Boyd spent his youth busking before studying classical guitar at the Sydney Con and partaking in bluesy pub tours. The characters who inhabit It’s Alright are the descendants of the ’90s slacker; only this year’s model is dealing with some very modern problems.

Doors open at 2:30pm, performance starts at 10pm sharp
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Saturday 27th July
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From a milky ripple of orchestral strings, groaning woodwinds and heavy-lidded horns, JEFFE’s woozy first single ‘Whoever You Love’ doesn’t announces itself so much as dreamily unspool.
Saturday 3rd August
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Single Launch
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