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Welcome to Movie Night

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Thanks for purchasing one of our signature cocktails by Golden Age Cinema & Bar.

We think you’ll love matching your drink with a film from Movie Night, our carefully curated streaming platform featuring the best new and recent releases, cults and classics. Going to the movies should always be an occasion, even when you’re staying in.

How to Redeem Your Pass

Select a film or take a look at our suggested pairings below and use the code on the inside of your pass at checkout for a discount of up to $5. Then dim the lights, fill your glass and settle in for Movie Night.

Some Perfect Pairings

Sweet Life

Settle in for a taste of all things Italian with La Dolce Vita, the timeless classic rightly considered to be Fellini’s masterpiece. With a Double Popcorn Old Fashioned in hand, it's the next best thing to a midnight jaunt through the Trevi Fountain.

La Binoche

Juliette Binoche is at her luminous best in Let the Sunshine In, a sophisticated romantic comedy from renowned French auteur Claire Denis. Bittersweet and filled with zest for life, it's only natural to pair this filmic treat with a Double Spiced Berry Negroni.

Trip to Japan

Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Palme d’Or-winning Shoplifters is an intricate, tender-hearted portrait of a Japanese family of five. Immerse yourself in this stunning Tokyo story with a Double Yuzu Margarita, shared between loved ones or simply enjoyed solo.


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