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"Who are you people?" "We're Americans."

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From the brilliant mind of writer/director Jordan Peele (Get Out) comes another utterly terrifying – and thought-provoking – entry into the contemporary horror canon. Taking a break from their busy lives, Adelaide Wilson (Lupita Nyong’o) and her husband Gabe (Winston Duke) take their children on a serene vacation to the Santa Cruz beach house where Adelaide grew up. Haunted by a traumatic experience from her past, Adelaide’s worst fears are confirmed when four masked strangers descend upon the house in the middle of the night. When the masks come off, the Wilsons are horrified to see that each intruder takes the appearance of one of them. And that’s just the start of their doppelgänger-centric woes...

"A sinister masterclass in spiralling terror"
— The Telegraph UK
"Nyong'o delivers one of the great performances in horror movie history"
— Rolling Stone
"Brash and brilliant ... a superb satire of the American dream"
— The Guardian

Why You Should See This Film

From mirror mazes and N.W.A to '80s charity drives and The Beach Boys, Us is a wonderfully bizarre compendium of cultural references, dark humour and shocking frights. As intriguing for its uncanny horror as it is for its insidious subtext, this film is a beautifully contained thrill-ride with an awards-worthy lead performance from Nyong’o and some much needed comic relief in the form of Elisabeth Moss.

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Session Times

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  • Year: 2019
  • Rating: MA15+
  • Director: Jordan Peele
  • Cast: Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss
  • Duration: 116 minutes
  • Language: English
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