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The Scary of Sixty-First

(Rated R18)

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“Something extremely sinister happened in this apartment”

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The debut feature from Succession star and Red Scare podcaster Dasha Nekrasova, The Scary of Sixty-First is a giallo-inspired provocation for the conspiracy theory era. New York friends Addie (Betsey Brown) and Noelle (co-writer Madeline Quinn) think they’ve scored the deal of the lifetime with their affordable new Upper East Side pad. That’s until they discover it was formerly owned by the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, whose despicable past deeds haunt every nook and cranny. The two women’s paths soon diverge, as Noelle and new girlfriend (Nekrasova) head deeper and deeper down Epstein rabbit holes, and Addie’s mental state becomes increasingly disturbed.

Best First Feature Award
— Berlin International Film Festival 2021
“A brash, gutsy, morbidly funny first feature”
— Variety
“Aptly captures the feeling of living through this moment, in all its excitement, futility, and horror”
— Cinema Scope
“Equal parts ‘70s-style paranoia thriller, Polanski-infused apartment horror, and Eyes Wide Shut homage”
— The Playlist

Why You Should See This Film

If you’ve ever listened to an episode of Red Scare, you’ll have some idea of the irreverent, self-aware tone to expect from The Scary of Sixty-First. Mixing a slew of influences from Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut to Polanski’s The Tenant with a stripped-from-the-headlines plot and a pulsing Eli Keszler score, the film is like nothing else you’ll see this year, in the best way possible. Winner of the Best First Feature Award at Berlin, we’re eagerly awaiting Nekrasova’s next move.


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  • Year: 2021
  • Rating: R18
  • Director: Dasha Nekrasova
  • Cast: Madeline Quinn, Betsey Brown, Dasha Nekrasova
  • Duration: 81 minutes
  • Language: English
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