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The Rocky Horror Picture Show

(Rated M)

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"It's just a jump to the left..."

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Brad Majors (Barry Bostwick) and Janet Weiss (Susan Sarandon) are a wholesome couple, fresh out of college and newly engaged to be married. One night while out driving in a rain storm, they get a flat tire. A visit to a nearby castle leads to an overnight stay, where they are guests to a group of unconventional conventioneers, led by a transsexual named Dr Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry). Before long they learn of nefarious plans involving a (very hunky) frankenstein-like creation and outer space. Rocky Horror is a classic — a brilliantly written comedy that’s an homage to horror, sci-fi, '50s drive-in and biker flicks, infused with the mid-70's gender-bending of glam rock and the fetish sexuality of punk.

Why You Should See This Film

Wait. You haven't seen this film in the cinema? Simply unacceptavle. Tim Curry’s performance is one of the most charismatic musical creations in film and the songs are all excellent. Be prepared for audience participation, elaborate costumes, and fans that are as crazily enthusiastic as one should be for this totally unique musical masterpiece.

Party-cipation Screening

We're doing the timewarp and bringing back participation screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show! We'll be providing ticket holders with a party pack and instructions about how to get involved on the night — we advise you arrive at the cinema early to collect your ticket and pack from the box office.

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Session Times

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  • Year: 1975
  • Rating: M
  • Director: Jim Sharman
  • Cast: Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, Nell Campbell
  • Duration: 100 minutes
  • Language: English
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