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The Promised Land


“It is much more afraid of you than you are for it”



Courage, pride, folly, and sacrifice in the state of Denmark in The Promised Land. In 1755, impoverished soldier Ludvig Kahlen (Mads Mikkelsen) has answered the King's call to cultivate the barren Jutland heath, in exchange for promises of wealth, security and honour in the form of a Royal name. He finds himself in conflict with the arrogant presumptive landowner, Frederik de Schinkel (Simon Bennebjerg), who is further angered when his servants seek refuge with the egalitarian settlers of the heath. Violent retribution threatens the community of outsiders, and Kahlen must decide whether to risk their lives in an unequal battle.

A tale of undoubted savagery but also one of hope in all its divine illumination

Film Threat

“The kind of ravishing, rousing epic we don’t really get much of anymore.

New York Magazine

An old-school melodrama...electrified by yet another superb turn from its leading man

The Daily Beast

Why You Should See This Film

Based on historical events, this Nordic frontier tale has the stark, stunning landscapes of a John Ford western with Peckinpah moments of brutal reality. Mads is of course ruggedly charismatic enough to be believable as a people's-champion leader, but buried within is the hard core of a fanatical believer who may be a danger to everyone around him. The Danish title Bastarden is a lot more fitting, but under any name The Promised Land brings us the kind of epic, wind-swept spectacle that Hollywood used to trade in.

Nikolaj Arcel
Mads Mikkelsen, Amanda Collin, Simon Bennebjerg, Kristine Kujath Thorp
127 minutes
Danish with English subtitles

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