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The Biggest Little Farm

(Rated PG)

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"This all started with a promise..."

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Lions and tigers and... goats? Oh my. Return to the simple life with inspiring and utterly joyous documentary The Biggest Little Farm. When filmmaking farmer John Chester and his wife Molly left their tiny Los Angeles apartment in order to build a living space in complete coexistence with nature, they didn’t expect the result to become a cherished labour of love. This radiant film chronicles their near decade-long attempt to create the utopia they seek, planting 10,000 orchard trees, hundreds of crops, and bringing in animals of every kind – including an unforgettable pig named Emma and her rooster best friend, Greasy. But as their biodiverse paradise continues to grow, can they possibly survive all the wild twists and turns of living off the land?

“Inspirational ... Like fresh air for the soul"
— Variety
"It may revive your wonder at the weird but ultimately awe-inspiring ways in which humans can help nature do its work"
— The New York Times
"Think 'An Inconvenient Truth' meets 'Babe,' or 'The Good Earth' meets a biodiverse 'Marley & Me,' with a dash of the Food Network’s 'Pioneer Woman' tossed in"
— The Boston Globe
"A thoughtful and often profoundly moving portrait of the remarkable work involved in producing mindful food"
— Entertainment Weekly

Why You Should See This Film

Winner of the Audience Award at no less than 4 international film festivals, The Biggest Little Farm welcomes you to the Chester’s 200 acres in the foothills of Ventura County with a warm embrace and an errant animal or two. A testament to the stubborn glory of nature and the importance of ambitious idealism, this documentary might just reawaken the green thumbed dreamer in you, too.

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  • Year: 2019
  • Rating: PG
  • Director: John Chester
  • Cast: John Chester, Molly Chester, Matthew Pilachowski
  • Duration: 91 minutes
  • Language: English
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