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Prince of Darkness


“You will not be saved by the god Plutonium”



At the behest of his Brotherhood of Sleep, a priest (Donald Pleasence) invites a quantum physics professor (Victor Wong) and his students to investigate something evil lurking beneath a Los Angeles monastery. As something shifts in the balance of the world and as ominous figures begin congregating outside, the academics find a strange tank of green liquid which they learn is the physical incarnation of Satan. Plagued by dreams of apocalyptic portent, the team strives to uncover Satan’s inter-dimensional intentions and how to stop it. Meanwhile, trickles of the green liquid begin infecting, disfiguring and possessing people to do the Anti-God’s bidding.

Why You Should See This Film

Oozing with a palpable atmosphere of apocalyptic dread, bolstered by a killer droning score, Prince of Darkness is a strange and deeply unsettling Carpenter chiller led with tremendous seriousness by Donald Pleasence (wonderfully channeling aspects of his Dr. Loomis from Halloween) and the effortlessly cool Victor Wong. Combining science and mythic religion to confront cosmic horrors beyond our comprehension, Carpenter and production designer Daniel Lomino craft a striking aesthetic where, as we mentioned, the Devil is a vile of green goop, input terminals and CRT monitors act as his mouthpiece and visions of portent are rendered through grimy VHS. While we can’t emphasise the vibes enough, Prince of Darkness has teeth too and boasts a gnarliness reminiscent of the films of Lucio Fulci.

John Carpenter
Donald Pleasence, Lisa Blount, Victor Wong, Jameson Parker
102 minutes

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