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Me + It's Such a Beautiful Day


“Bill sat down and read a celebrity interview, then he watched the ants crawl around in his sink”

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Widely hailed as one of the greatest animated films of all time, Don Hertzfeldt’s 2012 masterpiece It’s Such a Beautiful Day finally graces our Golden Screen along with his latest project Me. With offbeat humour, poignant philosophical musings and heartbreaking honesty on the human condition, It’s Such a Beautiful Day follows the story of Bill, a stick figure man whose routines, relationships, dreams and daily thoughts gradually distort as his unknown illness worsens. Hertzfeldt’s new film Me is a short musical odyssey about trauma, technology and the retreat of humanity into itself.

Why You Should See This Film

We couldn’t be happier to present Don Hertzfeldt’s work at Golden Age. Crafted over six years on a 35mm rostrum animation stand, released in three parts before being compiled into the feature we know today, It's Such a Beautiful Day collages hand drawn stick figure animation with live photography to create a deeply moving world where a naked innocence is confronted with the harsh realities of existence. Exploring the absurdity of life and the crushing darkness that comes with it, Hertzfeldt’s surreal and comedic style hits upon a particular nerve of the awkward, ugly and beautiful truth in a way reminiscent of Charlie Kaufman and Hideaki Anno. Hertzfeldt’s latest film Me was originally a commissioned collaboration with a now unnamed rock band, derailed after complications and re-edited as an astounding 23 minute standalone film.

Don Hertzfeldt
Don Hertzfeldt
93 minutes

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