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In the Room Where He Waits


“I want to get away from it...but it's found me”

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Tobin Wade, a theatre actor poised to perform in his Broadway breakthrough role, must return to his Australian hometown after the breakdown of his long term relationship and the sudden death of his father. Stuck in a hotel room before the funeral, Tobin begins to unravel, not ready to confront a past long-left behind. When Tobin begins to notice strange and sinister occurrences in his room he realises he’s not in there alone, and, unable to leave, he has no choice but to face whoever or whatever is in this room with him.

“As complex as it is brilliant...haunting, deeply affecting, and resonant.”

The Curb

Why You Should See This Film

Updating Tennessee Williams' world of repressed queer desire for a contemporary setting with Grindr and body-obsessed hookup culture, In the Room Where He Waits is a slow-burn psychological thriller steeped in longing and regret. The Glass Menagerie, the memory play that marooned actor Toby was to star in, acts as a mirror to his complex feelings for his family and former lovers. Isolation, fear of aging and loneliness take a physical form and manifest the deepest insecurities that haunt a hotel room late into the night.

Timothy Despina Marshall
Daniel Monks, Susie Porter, Annabel Marshall-Roth, Anthony Brandon Wong
83 minutes

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