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Escape from New York


“Call me Snake”

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It’s the near future of 1997. Airforce One has been hijacked and the President of the United States is lost somewhere in Manhattan, which is now a maximum security prison. The police enlist the aid of former special forces soldier Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell), offering him pardon for robbing the federal reserve if he rescues the President. Snake isn’t one to take orders, but an injection of micro-explosives set to detonate in 22 hours convinces him to cooperate. Once inside, Plissken learns his target is in the hands of the Duke of New York, a ruthless crime lord. Making allies where he can, Snake must do all he can to get his hands on the President and Escape from New York before it’s too late.

Why You Should See This Film

From the opening titles, set to one of the coolest John Carpenter themes, you know you’re in for a good time. Carpenter’s reaction to the Watergate scandal is embodied in Snake Plissken, a lone-wolf badass who has lost all faith in his government and subsequently mankind. The dystopian future, the synths, the apocalyptic gangs, the eyepatch, the tattoo and the voice are all played with the perfect level of conviction to be genuinely engrossing. An enduring cult classic with a grand legacy, Escape from New York has been cited as an influence on William Gibson’s revered cyberpunk novel Neuromancer and is unabashedly a direct inspiration for Hideo Kojima’s long running Metal Gear Solid video game series. 

John Carpenter
99 minutes

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