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3 Women

(Rated M)

Elements Rising #1 – WATER (Cancer / Scorpio / Pisces)

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Behold a dusty-hued, daringly surreal desert gem from filmmaking legend Robert Altman (Nashville, The Player, MAS*H). In a desolate California town, endlessly chirpy and gloriously vain Millie Lammoreaux (Shelley Duvall) works as a physical therapist at the local spa. Living in a singles-only apartment building, she’s soon joined at work by mysterious teenager Pinky Rose (Sissy Spacek) who’s looking to become her new roommate. As the pair grow closer, Pinky begins to obsessively absorb her friend’s personality and appearance (à la Bergman’s Persona). That’s until she discovers Millie with a man: Edgar (Robert Fortier), the macho husband of local artist Willie (Janice Rule — the last of the title's three women), and their kinship begins to unravel.

Why You Should See This Film

Altman has long claimed that the story of 3 Women came to him while his wife was being treated in hospital and a restless night’s sleep saw him dream of directing a film starring Shelley Duvall and Sissy Spacek against a desert backdrop. He jotted down a handful of notes upon waking up and then returned to dreaming. The result is suitably phantasmagoric. Full of elliptical tensions, spooky tundra imagery and offbeat humour, 3 Women is a gorgeously shot cult classic that might just happen to also be ripe for psychoanalysis. Oh, and Shelley Duvall deservedly received the Best Actress Award upon its premiere at the 1977 Cannes Film Festival.

Presented by Elements Rising – #1. Water

Elements Rising is a new series curated by Matt Lennon (Libra Sun / Scorpio Rising) and Kate Jinx (Leo Sun / Gemini Rising) that explores the cinematic side of the Zodiac. Each astrological triplicity (Fire – Aries / Leo / Saggitarius, Air – Gemini / Libra / Aquarius, Earth – Taurus / Virgo / Capricorn, Water – Cancer / Scorpio / Pisces) will be the focus of a special screening with starry surprises.


UPDATE: Pre-film tarot readings with Sophia are now booked out.

Sophia Somerville is a Sydney-based tarot reader & writer who specialises in guiding creative people to trust their intuition. She is the resident tarot reader at Orchard St and Luna Beauty, and her esoteric writing has been featured on Sad Girls Club. You can find her offerings at southernspells.com.

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Session Times

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  • Year: 1977
  • Rating: M
  • Director: Robert Altman
  • Cast: Sissy Spacek, Shelley Duvall, Janice Rule
  • Duration: 124 minutes
  • Language: English
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