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Black Rio! Black Power!


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"Black Is Beautiful!" When Black American soul music came to Brasil it not only raised the heat at parties, it raised the consciousness of Black youth. Propelling many into political activism, it spurned a Black pride sentiment that is still alive today. With fantastic images and stories from those who were there, Black Rio! Black Power! is a fresh Brasilian feature documentary (Winner of Best Film at Melhor Filme) directed by Emílio Domingos and produced by Leticia Monte, which takes a trip back in time to when packed soul music dancehalls in the suburbs of 1970s Rio de Janeiro became a meeting of minds and hips. These dances gave rise to the Black Rio Movement and served as a space for the affirmation of identity and political resistance among young Black people.

Why You Should See This Film

The documentary addresses the importance of music in the fight for racial justice during the years of the Brazilian military dictatorship, as well as the embracing of American soul music in Brasil and its relationship to samba and Rio’s samba schools, disco, funk and the emergence of bands like Banda Black Rio and later hip hop. Through the trajectory of DJ, activist and cultural producer Dom Filó - who stars alongside music luminaries like Carlos Dafé - the film is a fascinating and insightful historical chronicle which also documents the importance of major players such as the famed group Soul Grand Prix.

Emílio Domingos
Dom Filó, Carlos Dafé, Agenor Neto, Marquinhos De Oswaldo Cruz
75 minutes
Portuguese with English subtitles

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